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About Motorcycling (for little money)


I have bought new motorcycles straight from the dealers (several) as well as old and unloved motorbikes off of Ebay (3 of them so far). Admittedly, the last motorcycle I bought, off of Ebay, has yielded me more joy and pleasure than the first ones. I guess I had a few scooters and was in serious motorcycle withdrawal already.

I won’t deny that a brand new top-end bike will give you more performance and reliability. If you are after a commuter 125cc scooter or motorcycle, get on on the case with some 0% finance dealer offer and you’ll be on your way to freedom. If you live in London, a brand new 125cc monthly payment (some £70) + insurance(£30) + fuel (£20) will still cost you less than the £140 (or so) monthly subscription for public transport and it will sure give you 10x the freedom and save you tens of hours every month . 

More thrilling than a Lamborghini

Let’s get one thing straight if you think the top end Lamborghini will give you a thrill and a rush of adrenaline (a very very expensive one) it’s because you have never tried a motorcycle. A 5-6K speed bike (the one below is an actual bike for sale on EBAY for less than £4.1k) will have similar performances to a top end Lamborghini (200k+) but give you 3 times the adrenaline rush.

See Auction of this very bike

Maybe even safer than a bicycle

Now, most people think motorcycling is dangerous, and sure it is more dangerous than a walk in the park for sure, but it can be less dangerous than cycling in London (especially if you wear a motorbike protective jackets and a proper helmet) or for that matter even than driving a car in my personal opinion.

A lot of you will surely disagree; I have driven motorbikes since age 6, thus, I am probably not your average commuter driver. However, when you drive a motorbike you surely won’t look at your phone or put make up on. You will have to concentrate on what you are actually doing (the driving). Moreover, while sometimes you’ll try to stretch the rules with a car and drive with 1 drink too many. I assure you’ll think it through quite a bit more before you do that on a motorcycle. It’s also much more likely you’ll find free parking for your motorbike. Assuming you decide to leave it near the bar/pub/club instead of the car after an evening out.

[the car you might recover with a nice parking ticket the day after in most of central London trust me I am an expert at winning parking tickets ].

Even when you are just a little sleepy after a long day a motorbike ride with fresh air will wake you up, while the warmth of the car heating will put you to sleep and endanger your driving.

More Fun Less Money

Let’s get back to my original point: More fun Less Money (Wasted). Anything you do with a bike is less expensive than doing it with a car, ferry boat to France from London, much much less expensive, fuel needed much much less than your most fuel efficient car not to mention you do not sit stuck in line of cars for hours. Time is our most precious currency in this life my personal choice is surely not to waste it in car jams or slow bus rides . Maintenance and Service is much cheaper too even on the most expensive bikes: 2 wheels instead of 4 to change, less oil for an oil change, 2 wheel bearings, 2 suspensions etc.. etc.. etc..

Travelling on a motorcycle

I have done quite a few long (700km+ 430Mi+) trips on a motorcycle. It surely isn’t as comfortable as driving a car. However, it is much much more fun and a far more interesting way to see the world. Why ? Well to be honest I think it comes down to one simple reason. You just tend to stop much more frequently and discover places (and panoramas) you would not have seen by car. I have traveled solo by motorcycle and by car.

Riding solo but never lonely

When is the last time you stopped at a gas station and started a friendly chat with another car driver? On a motorbike it happens all the times riders share a passion for motorcycles rather than both owning a vehicle. I once left from Sicily, Italy heading to Rome, (700km+) on a whim in my Jeans a t-shirt and ‘mocassini ‘(Italian word for loafer shoes). I arrived in Rome (9 hours later) with 3 other people and 2 more bikes. We had plenty of meals, snacks and plenty of chats together and coffee along the way. I love meeting new people you would have never met in your daily life routine, it makes life more interesting. In retrospective, I should have wore more technical and waterproof clothes as it started raining like hell 200km in, but hey.. it’s part of the story now.

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