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About Real Luxury Today: Boats? Money? Time? Love?


Have you ever asked yourself what is the real luxury of our days?

I have been lucky in life receiving a good education and I have worked more than 15 years in the top-end of luxury industry. I don’t consider myself rich but I do live a life that most people would define comfortable.

For business and within social activities I have been exposed to very wealthy people. Some, with time, became, very good friends. Some others, instead, became wealthier. Some squandered all their wealth or lost most of it for a reason or the other.

I spent a lot of money on booze, birds and fast cars. The rest I just squandered.George Best – Manchester United Footballer – 1946-2005

Monaco Yacht Show

So I have asked myself: What is Luxury nowadays ?

I am sure you know people that own luxury items like expensive cars, yachts, and luxury 2nd homes. I do too. Do you think these material possessions are really a luxury nowadays? Or rather is the TIME to enjoy them that it is? If the TIME to enjoy whatever makes you happy is the real luxury of today, it might not even be worth buying any of the above ‘luxury-status’ items. Just rent them whenever you want. Unless, like me, it actually makes you happy to spend your TIME restoring and working on boats, classic motorcycles etc..

Sailing Super Yacht for Sale
Sailing Superyacht at Monaco Yacht Show

Sailing, Time and Freedom

Sailing represents for me the ultimate luxury, but it’s not about the boat it’s about the TIME and FREEDOM. Through modern technology and a sailboat that is not too big (say under 50 feet) you can have the freedom to go wherever you want, whenever you want (weather permitting) and for as long as you want. Indeed, for as much as boats require your care and attention, a sailboat (properly equipped with a water maker and solar panels) can take care of you too. It will let you travel limitlessly for free, wind is still free thank god. A water maker can give you water to drink, and the ocean will happily feed you even with limited fishing skills (I am really bad at fishing). Paradoxically, a bigger boat won’t give you the same freedom or anything I can think of. [if you can please feel free to add a comment]


In the industry of leisure boating I heard quite a few people telling me things like: “I wanted to buy a bigger boat this year but my wife died and my kids don’t want to go boating with me and I don’t really have many friends”.

To me that is like hearing: I have made quite a bit of cash in my life I did not need, but I don’t know what to do with it because I have nobody I love and that loves I will share it with. What’s the point of work to build wealth if that is at the expense of your life and the quality of the relationship you build with people?

Learning luxury

What I have learned from it:

1) In life: find your passion, that thing you would do repeatedly and for no money and that will motivate you to get off bed for a long time.
2) In business: build something that is scalable and that can provide you with recurring and ‘passive’ income. Free your time and learn to delegate.
3) In relationships: Build good ones. Base your relationship on trust, loyalty and reciprocal improvement. With friends and/or with your partner anything less is mostly a waste of your time
4) In everyday life: take care of your health. Even if you are very young, never ever sacrifice your health in exchange for more money. Even if you do become a billionaire, there will be little you can do if you are not in a healthy shape (Physically and Psychologically ).
5) On Holiday: Take some time to disconnect. For me 3 days a year without phone, internet, shoes and watch at sea solo, do the trick. I re-focus on what and who I really value in my life vs the last email or message I received.

Mens Sana in Corpore SanoRoman poet Juvenal (10.356-64)

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