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About: Fighting boredom with fun activities in London UK (chapter 1)


I really don’t like getting bored, who does? Some could describe me as hyperactive. One thing if for sure from business days to weekend days I do not like getting bored. Did I mention I don’t like getting bored already?

What you may or may not enjoy doing is very personal however, If you live in a big city you better try new things or what’s the point of breathing polluted air and paying more than you should in rent and food. Not much indeed.

London has a lot to offer but sometimes you have got to get a little creative and possibly get out of your comfort zone.

My list of fun activities is as follows

I am going to try to group them into entertainment, cultural, and sporty and XXX for adults only.

Royal Opera House - London
Royal Opera House

Cultural Activities in London

  1. Royal Opera House – great productions of Opera and Ballet – I am a huge fan of Opera and I’m often there (even multiple times a month) I can’t speak highly enough. £££ Pricey but if you tune in on Friday at 13:01 there is discount called Friday Rush and you might get very lucky
  2. Tate Modern if you like modern art
  3. V&A Victoria and Albert Museum
  4. ENO – English National Opera (Strictly in English) – I would not recommend to go unless it’s an opera that was originally written in English as they will not even provide a booklet with the words (and yes you need it even if English is your first language)
  5. There is always a trade fair in London from food to real estate, even boat shows and luxury cars so dive into something new that strikes your interest I do it all the time and I love learning about industries I know little or nothing about.
What to do in London

Entertainment and Music

  1. Secret Cinema – If you have not been to any production of Secret Cinema you are missing out a great deal. For me it’s the best (New) entertainment experience I have been to in the last 10 years
  2. Session58 – Used to be hosted by the Looking Glass on Hackney Road on Monday night from 7pm onwards (free/£5) and be sure you will find fantastic new musician in a shhh–listen type of environment. Mostly attended by other musicians actually it’s a lovely place to get to know interesting people and listen to incredible music (more often than not)
  3. Lisa’s on Portobello Road – I love that place. It’s a good mix between the friendly vibe of a pub and the upscale bar vibe with Scandinavian food and Italian bartenders. Live music during the weekend and a guaranteed good time.
Quad bike rental in London

Sporty Activities

  1. I love board sports so every now and then I hope down to the Vans indoor skatepark just to remind myself I am too old for it and try not to kill myself in the process. But hey, there is a bar, an exhibition room so … after some skateboarding(4-5 minutes of it) it’s a cool vibe and there are concerts too.
  2. GoKarting – There are two places I have tried. If you don’t want to get wet try E-karts (electric ones) it’s a bit strange at first but it’s great fun for not too much money.
  3. Motocross/Quads/Buggies – There is actually a company that not too far from the center of London will rent you an MX bike
  4. Sailing – I used to be a volunteer at the Westminster Boating Base and those are all very lovely people that will get you sailing in no time YES on the Thames. If instead you want to paddle go ahead and try kayaking there.
  5. Inline Skating – I am an avid inline skater so Battersea Park and Hyde Park are places I love to go every now and then with my inline skates (I believe you can rent them too here but I never did so can’t vouch for them)
  6. Bowling IceSkating – Very central and recently refurbished with Meat Liquor inside is the Queens Center on Queensway. Alternatively, I love Alexandra Palace for Ice Skating.

XXX – Adult Only

  1. KK Killing Kittens
  2. Torture Gardens
  3. Strip Clubs – Sophisticats

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