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About Love – True primal energy


Yes I am romantic but that’s not what this post is about. I have always believed that Love is nothing more than energy. The way I see it you can compare it to harder to control forms of energy such as nuclear energy. Love can fuel even business success. Imagine, if Steve Jobs was not in-love with his vision for his business would he have achieved so much? Would he have put his business before everything else? Love is powerful, unconditional and not easy to control, that’s why we are so charmed by it.

Love is that energy that drives us to interact with each other and we exist because we interact, not the other way around we don’t interact because we exist. Think about it if your mother and father had not ‘interacted’ you would not exist. After reading Seven Brief Lessons on Physics by Carlo Rovelli, and his incredibly clear explanation of the basics of quantum physics I concluded that Love is a quantum leap you can’t predict where and when it will manifests but you can try to calculate the probability that it will.

What I find very contradictory in most of the western world is that for hundreds of years the world has been celebrating the idea that true love towards your partner can only imply 1 person at the time.

Why can a father or a mother love more than 1 child equally and a partner can not love more that one partner is parent-child love not true love ?

I am not talking about monogamy vs polygamy for that matter the practicality of one partner in a relationship I understand, even in muslim countries where man can have multiple wife they mostly choose not to, relationships are a different story.

Love, in my view, is an energy that can be expressed in hundreds if not thousands of ways, just like electricity can power the most diverse devices.

If love is an energy how can we produce it ?

Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another.Albert Einstein

Less than 2 years ago, only after I unexpectedly lost my mother I have truly realised what she had taught me and gifted me with. Like all mothers, she had loved me but her special gift is that she taught me how to embrace such energy, as a consequence I am able to love others. As an energy, love we receive from anybody we are able to give to others. Some people also use the word Karma but I don’t see that much difference do you?

Love yourself first but not exclusively

I fell very lucky but I have met a lot of people (some dear friends) that were not as lucky as I have been. Parents, usually love their children naturally, however, the fact that this energy exists it does not mean it has transmitted (passed-on) to their children the way the children could have benefitted from. Much like if you have electricity available in the house you can’t quite tell very easily until you plug something or turn on a light right? In the same way a lot of people feel unloved. Unfortunately feeling unloved tends to lead to very little love for yourself and hardship in loving others.

Life makes sense if you Love

No matter if it’s your parents, your friends, your dog, your partner/wife/husband when you love things make sense you get the drive you need to overcome obstacles and feel everyday sacrifices/compromises a lot less. I learned that when you are unsure whether the other person realise that you love the easiest thing is just to say out loud. Some countries have more reserved cultures about emotions and some are more open, however saying to a friend “I care for you man” is an expression of love that I can hardly not be received as such.

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